Hello from Prague!

I’m just back at my hotel for a rest after a late lunch.  Something light, of course — glasses of wine, pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy, and potato pancakes (ha!)— and now I need to rest up before a concert of organ music and arias tonight in the Old St. Francis Church by the Charles Bridge.


In other news, I received a very kind note this past weekend from the editor at Post Road in Boston.  She wrote that she loved the essay I submitted recently and that they’d like to publish it.  (I was so excited I almost deleted the email.)  Anyway, this essay a chapter from my book that I reworked to be a stand-alone piece.  This re-working was an experiment.  An experiment, something new, that worked.

As fate would have it, the latest issue of Post Road includes an essay by Cheryl Strayed about what goes into choosing between using fiction or the “thin veil” of nonfiction when writing a story.  You can read Cheryl’s essay here.

Here’s to tonight at the Old St. Francis Church.  And thanks to Post Road.

Na zdravi, and na shiedanou.  


P.S.  I was lucky enough last week to spend the day — an entire day! — with our dear Duchess Downith in England, which I’ll post more about (with photo) in the next few days when I figure out how to connect my camera to this computer.

Technology.  Ugh.  Lord have mercy.