Hello from Prague!

I’m just back at my hotel for a rest after a late lunch.  Something light, of course — glasses of wine, pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy, and potato pancakes (ha!)— and now I need to rest up before a concert of organ music and arias tonight in the Old St. Francis Church by the Charles Bridge.


In other news, I received a very kind note this past weekend from the editor at Post Road in Boston.  She wrote that she loved the essay I submitted recently and that they’d like to publish it.  (I was so excited I almost deleted the email.)  Anyway, this essay a chapter from my book that I reworked to be a stand-alone piece.  This re-working was an experiment.  An experiment, something new, that worked.

As fate would have it, the latest issue of Post Road includes an essay by Cheryl Strayed about what goes into choosing between using fiction or the “thin veil” of nonfiction when writing a story.  You can read Cheryl’s essay here.

Here’s to tonight at the Old St. Francis Church.  And thanks to Post Road.

Na zdravi, and na shiedanou.  


P.S.  I was lucky enough last week to spend the day — an entire day! — with our dear Duchess Downith in England, which I’ll post more about (with photo) in the next few days when I figure out how to connect my camera to this computer.

Technology.  Ugh.  Lord have mercy.

32 thoughts on “Prague

    1. Teri Post author

      The Strayed piece is interesting, about how you choose between writing fiction or nonfiction about something that really happens. I love the whole ‘thinnest veil’ idea, and how sometimes what you need is more like a 4-layered velvet curtain.

  1. erikamarks

    Oh, what news! And I love that you said you nearly deleted the email in your excitement! (Trembling fingers do crazy things!)

    I can think of no better place or way to celebrate, my friend. Congratulations.

    1. Teri Post author

      First on the playlist tonight: the Ave Maria. There are concerts in churches all over town, almost every night of the week. What a great idea this is.

      1. Teri Post author

        It seems I’m not the only one with the “near delete” problem. I sent an email to one magazine to withdraw the essay from contention ….. and their response? “We have no record of receiving it. Did you get a confirmation?”

        YES, I wanted to scream. Because yes, I got a confirmation AND a progress report saying it was “in progress.”


      2. jpon

        Yeah, I just love when they pull that one. But word gets around eventually.

        Great news about Post Road. Now that’s a professional journal.

      3. Teri Post author

        Thanks, Joe. It’s always such a boon to get that “acceptance” notice, and this one came with even kinder words about the originality of subject-matter, etc… which helps me keep the faith.

        And P.S. The journal that had no record suddenly found it when I emailed back. Hmmmmm….. having worked on a journal with electronic submissions, I recall they aren’t that hard to find.

  2. JustAnotherEmpress

    Teri! Awesome, and congratulations on the essay.

    I fucking love Prague. Make sure you rub that statue on the bridge and make a wish. Yummy. God, I’m getting vicarious shudders just visualizing you in a rococo church being serenaded by violins.

    Looking forward to continued dispatches from the journey.

    1. Teri Post author

      I’ll be rubbing that statue tomorrow on our way to the castle. And the concert tonight in the church was fantastic — an organ, a trumpet, and a soprano performing Bach, Mozart, Shubert and others, with 3 helpings of the Ave Maria.

      You’re right about the city. What an easy place to be, and gothic structures all around. And the sidewalks! Where else are there such beautiful sidewalks!

  3. Downith

    Teri! So thrilled for you! And yes, here’s to trying something new. Can’t wait to read your essay.

    I miss you! Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.



    PS – My Catholic DNA is still alive and kicking. As soon as I read “Lord, have mercy.” the response was on my lips.

    1. Teri Post author

      As I said, it’s a good thing I don’t live down the street from you. Trouble, that would be. (the good kind of trouble, meaning lots of wine and coffee and very little ass-applied-to-chair-writing)

  4. macdougalstreetbaby

    Wonderful news, Teri! Congratulations!
    Enjoy your time away. I’ve heard Prague is out of this world.

  5. Lyra

    Hello from…not Prague!!
    Good for you. I hope that the buildings and the people inspire you to no end and congratulations on the essay acceptance! You’re a tough act to follow Ms. Carter, but someone has to set the bar.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and all of the light food and drink!

    1. Teri Post author

      I’m just trying to follow Averil to the door where we might, maybe, someday, get paid! 😉 The best news is that it’s fuel to keep working on this book. (you start to wonder after 4 or 5 years….)

      They’re all about beer here in Prague, sister Lyra. Every time I see 2 little old ladies at an outdoor cafe having a giant beer, I see us in about 30 years!

  6. Catherine

    Lovely news! I also suffer jittery fingers when good news comes in. It’s terrible! And more than once I can’t find proof of stuff that I’m convinced I’ve sent off. Perhaps those old ladies with beers are as c,OSS as next Tuesday!

  7. girl in the hat

    See, I thought I just wrote a comment here and it’s gone! BTW, thank you for the encouraging words re: submitting. I actually submitted something to several journals today! (Nevermind that I realized right afterward that I had submitted an old version.) (I really should step away from the technology today.) But thank you for nudging me.

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