And no, I’m not talking about the current political climate.

Sad and infuriating and black-hearted as it is.


I’m talking about my latest addiction:  Gillian Flynn’s books.  What smart, fun escapes they are from the uber-serious novels and memoirs I’ve been holed up in for so many months.   I’ll get back to them.  I will.  But for now, I’m in escape mode.  All this work on my Me-Moir has me running for other, gentler hills, away from tales of family friction and racism and religious-politics and distant loves.  And yet, ironically, these stories all take place in Missouri.  My home state.  What are the chances?

Unfortunately there are only 3 Gillian Flynn books and I’m about to start the last one.  I even made a special trip to the bookstore today to pick up DARK PLACES, on a day where I had no business adding more errands to the list.  After this, I’m moving on to Amor Towles and THE RULES OF CIVILITY.  I know I’ll love it, I really do, if I can just get over my Gillian Flynn obsession.  After all these dark places, it might be time for some rules and civility.

And speaking of rules and civility, I’m turning off the dark places known as American politics and getting quiet.  They all say they’re after the “undecided voter,” and that’s not me anyway.  In fact, that’s not anyone I know.  I think they’re making this “undecided voter” thing up, don’t you?